Assembly at Belmont

| May 20, 2022

Belmont Music Assembly

Well, a lot of things have changed since COVID happend. We didn’t get to do the music assembly for 2 years. And John Jay has changed schools. He’s now teaching at Belmont Elementary. So, guess where we did the Music Assembly this year. That’s right. We did it at Belmont Elementary. We were joined by Scott Greer on guitar.

This is a fun event for the kids where we teach them about the language of music. We talk about tempo, style, time signature, and key. We show them that even when musicians have never played together, if they understand the language of music, they can play any song.

So, we pick tempo, style, time signature, and key and we play them a song. Then we let them pick a combination of these and we try to play it. I think we had a fast jazz song in 5/4 time in the key of G. But the craziest one was the insane speed rock song in 17/43 time in the key of H. Not sure how that went over. But everyone had fun and we learned some valueable lessons along the way.

Thanks, John Jay, for putting these together every year.

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