Assembly at Eaglecrest

| May 21, 2018

Eaglecrest Music Assembly

For the last 7 years or so John Jay and I have been putting on a music assembly at Eaglecrest Elementary in Lehi. John Jay brings his drums and I bring a bass. Sometimes we’ll bring along another musician to help us out. We show the kids our instruments and teach them how they work. Then we go off on some little funk, rock riff for a while and get the kids dancing.

Then we talk to them about the language of music and how two musicians, who have never rehearsed (because who really does) can get together and play any type of song if they both know the language of music. John Jay has made this awesome little board that has styles, keys, time signatures, and tempos. The kids get to come up and select one of each. Then the magic happens as Shane and John Jay attempt to play the song that was just created. One of the favorites of this year was a Blues song, in B, 3/4 time, played medium speed.

This is a fun little event that we look forward to each year.

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